A photo exhibition dedicated to the birthday of Shahmar Alakbarov

11:05 - 10 September 2022

A photo exhibition was hosted by the Azerbaijan State Film Fund dedicated to the birthday of the famous theater and cinema actor, director, People's Artist Shahmar Alakbarov.

According to Arki.az, the photo exhibition featured rare pictures reflecting the life and career of the outstanding person. The exhibition was based on the pictures stored in his personal archive fund.

Shahmar Zulfugar oglu Alakbarov was born in 1943 in Ganja. He studied acting at the Theater Institute, known as the Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Arts nowadays. After working as an assistant at ASUCA for some time, Shahmar Alakbarov started lecturing in the actor's art.

The actor of the Azerbaijan State Academic National Drama Theater has created a range of entertaining characters here.

The outstanding actor had been appearing in the movies since 1967. He had lead and support roles in almost 30 films. His first role was the character Farrukh in The Battle in the Mountains (Dağlarda döyüş). After that, he portrayed a series of memorable characters in the films, such as I wasn't beautiful than (Mən ki gözəl deyildim), The Mother's Lamp (İntizar), My Seven Sons (Yeddi oğul istərəm), The Last Pass (Axırıncı aşırım), The Life Tests Us (Həyat bizi sınayır), The Return of the Violin (Skripkanın sərgüzəşti), The Avenger from Ganjabasar (Qatır Məmməd), The Stab in the Back (Arxadan vurulan zərbə), etc.

Shahmar Alakbarov also tried his hand in directing. Together with the director Gulbeniz Azimzadeh he co-directed a feature TV film titled Examination (İmtahan) based on Anar's play "Summer Days of the City". Later, he directed the feature TV film Night Without Edge (Sahilsiz gecə) and the feature film Gazalkhan (Qəzəlxan) on his own. He also scripted the feature film titled The Burden (Yük).
The outstanding person passed away on August 12, 1992 at the height of his creative career. He was 49 years old.